Jews Retreat As Hamas Gains Ground!

With lots of allies Hamas has scored victory after victory.

It's been chaos but some journalists have braved the violence to report on these stupendous gains.

With help from Marxist campus revolutionaries and Neo Nazis both Calgary and Berlin have now fallen.

The FBI Is Hiring...

Muslim and unemployable?

If you're a poor schizoid from Pakistan who resides in America, consider working for Obama.

If you think Osama Bin Laden had some good ideas and ISIS, with their cool music and beheadings are all right, you're just what the FBI is looking for!

They'll fill your mind with some crazy plan and pretend to help you in your conquest for Islam to take over the world. After all the excitement you'll have a lot of publicity and a retirement plan set up for you in a federal penitentiary.

Apply today.

Real Zombies? Some People Have Woken Up From Death!

Have you ever gone to the hospital with an ailment, forgotten what went on next, and then woken up in the morgue? It's happened to some people.

Jesus may have raised Lazarus from being dead. But these people awoke more recently without His help...

In Russia Lyudmila Steblitskaya has risen from death not once: But twice! In October 2012 her heart stopped but doctors were able to resuscitate the grandmother. But then in November she died for good. Her distraught daughter made all of the arrangements for the funeral. But after being packed away at the morgue for three days, she woke up complaining that her skin was peeling from the severe cold.

In China Li Xiufeng scared/astounded friends after being dead for six days. In February 2012 she succumbed to a head injury and was found not breathing. She was put in a coffin in her home so that people could pay their last respects. Terrified neighbours found the coffin empty and Ms. Xiufeng in her kitchen cooking. The real downside to coming back from the dead in China is that all of her possessions had been burned, in accordance to local tradition.

In Venezuela Carlos Camejo died in a car accident. During the autopsy as medical examiners began cutting into him, he felt excruciating pain and sprang screaming back to life.

For a more comprehensive list of people who've come back from the great beyond:

Many believe these cases can be attributed to, 'artificial death.' A rare condition in which the heart rate is so slow it can't be recorded.

Some real zombies...

Tetrodotoxin is a poison which mimics an artificial death.

See the movie, 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' which is based on the story of a botanist who travels to Haiti to find out about a drug purported to kill people and bring them back in a zombie-like state.

Don't Trust Anyone Over 30

Because any 43-year-old pro-LGBT, pro-carbon tax lefty must have been a right asshole when he was 20.


Paganism Can Be Colonialist Imperialism!

Finally somebody has had the courage to stand up and tell it like it is about Paganism.

From the blog: Anarchism, Communism, and Fish...

If your paganism does not allow safe spaces for non-european religions, your paganism is racist. 

If your paganism denies faculty to indigenous and traditional religions from non-white peoples, your paganism is racist. 

If your paganism does not allow for pantheon mixing, your paganism is ethnocentric. 

Conversely, if your paganism tries to force its way into indigenous religions that are clearly marked as insular systems, under the guise of “mutual acceptance,” your paganism is both colonialist AND racist. 

My question is what's a Pagan? Is that like an Asian Nazi or a Greek guy who wants to clamp down on immigration?


The Racist White Man Don't Understand No Spain!

From the blog: Falling Back Into Line...

The day the white man realizes that Spanish (as in from Spain), culture is NOT the same as as any other Latin culture I will be happy. You can’t just lump all the spanish speaking people under one category, I understand it’s hard sometimes to tell but you don’t see me lumping English speaking into the same category. Get your shit together you fucks.

I'm a bit of an expert on Spanish culture because I grew up in downtown Kitchener in a largely Portuguese neighborhood.

I even beat up a Portuguese bully who was a year older than me when I was 12!

If you have any problems with the Spanish/Portuguese the trick is to hit them hard and then keep hitting them before they can react.

I had a black friend but black people didn't stay in my neighborhood for long.

A lot of Portuguese moved to Kitchener in the 1970s and 1980s because they exhausted their country's economy fighting blacks in Africa. Many were poor and pissed off.

And a lot of their kids were assholes.

They could be even more racist than white people with brown hair!

One good thing about them is that most went to Catholic school so you didn't have to see them every day.

Another curiosity is sometimes they can even have blond children! When that happens they're incredibly proud of themselves and have some sort of huge fiesta.

In conclusion Spain, Portugal, and Latin countries are all generally the same thing.