Thursday, April 17, 2014

Justin Trudeau's PR Department Does Some Damage Control

BC Blue broke the story of Justin posing for a selfie at the Jim Flaherty funeral...

This did nothing to deter detractors who've been calling him vain, pompous, and half-witted.

But all was saved when this picture was later released...
It shows Justin helping a man in a wheelchair down a broken escalator.

The Conservative war room is now conferring on whether Justin's photogenic charisma can be used against him. Could they hire Lady Gaga or Madonna to woo him away from Ottawa for a career as a male topless dancer? But no: It wouldn't be a good idea. Without Justin at the helm of the Liberal Party Marc Garneau would be leader and then Libs would have a chance at winning the next election.

Kathleen Wynne Is Moving Ontario Forward!

The Liberals have been in power for a long time but Kathleen Wynne has been the premiere for just over a year. Sometimes, when a government rules for more than a decade things get stagnant and financially irresponsible. But Wynne is bringing hope with a new transit plan and effective leadership.

It's been pointed out that the Liberals lost $1.1 billion dollars canceling construction on power plants just to win two seats in the last election. With Ontario already drowning in debt, how do they get the money back? That's where Wynne's quick thinking comes in.

Now she's suing the PC Party, it's leader Tim Hudak, and MPP Lisa MacLeod for $2 million for suggesting that she was involved in the scandal.

Sure, the $2 million doesn't come anywhere close to paying for the power plants but at least it's a start. MORE

For more on Wynne's leadership plans here's a related video:

Monday, April 14, 2014

OMG! They Now Have Micro-Aggressions Class In College!

From the blog:

Today in micro-aggressions, my professor told us to assume the multi-generational family in our client profile is caucasian. Our multi-generational family. Like, before he had said that, I had been thinking of an Asian or Hispanic family. And the second he said to assume white, I had to restrain myself from going into a rage. Because how f@#king close-minded is it to tell us to assume white when designing a family home. Like, I would hope other students in my class were thinking non-white. But then he went and told use to ASSUME WHITE. NO. NOT OKAY.

An Apology To Warren Kinsella

On this web site, I have repeatedly published statements which suggest that Warren Kinsella is dishonest and disreputable. Those statements are completely false and malicious, and I hereby retract them. I apologize to Warren Kinsella, his family and his colleagues, and wish to confirm that I have no intention of writing about Warren Kinsella again. I have removed references to him from this web site, and will make no other comment about this settlement.

I'd be forced to say the same thing if Warren Kinsella found out where I live:

He has a reputation for suing people that he doesn't like into the ground. See HERE

Kinsella trying to figure out who to sue next.
Warren is one of those liberals that works hard trying to turn all of Ontario into North York via massive immigration from the third world. At the same time I think his former girlfriends have all been white and he sends his kids to private school. I must be psychic.

A big time Liberal, he's friends with Jean Chretien who is noted for being a bully in his younger days. But at the same time he has sued the other Liberal PM Paul Martin, a fiscally responsible Prime Minister. It's probably because Warren wants leaders to spend billions on his ideals.

Maybe Torontonians should ask why Olivia Chow has a guy who nicknamed himself, 'The Prince of Darkness,' heading up her team.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chris Alexander Takes My Breath Away

I realize that what a lot of Canadians want is a good-looking PM. That's why Justin can praise Chinese communists while his brother works with Iran's PressTV, and he can spend two weeks trying to figure out what the middle class is, and Canadians still love him.

If Justin thinks he's good-looking Conservatives have an ace up their sleeve...

Chris Alexander, the Minister Citizenship and Immigration...

Since Justin is the son of Pierre and politics in Canada has become a beauty pageant, shouldn't Harper step down and let Alexander become Conservative leader?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Warren Kinsella Marks Anti-Bullying Day By Cyberbullying Someone!

Warren Kinsella (file photo).
Today is anti-bullying day in which you can show your support for victims of bullying by wearing pink. But Warren Kinsella didn't wear pink. Instead Warren chose today to claim he was cyberbullied and outed his alleged bully by publishing his picture, place of employment, and where he lives:

Isn't what Warren did a form of bullying, itself?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It Looks Like I'm Getting Sued

Fact: If Kinsella sends you an email asking for your address it means he plans to sue you. See HERE

To retaliate for Warren mailing me I had to leave another comment on his blog.

I quoted a line from his most recent post in it...

"…the fans of Rob Ford and John Tory (who are basically the same people, but with different vocabularies and hairstyles.” 

I don’t know, Warren. As Justin tries to figure out what the middle class is why don’t you just go ahead and call the people in the suburbs who support Ford, ‘White Trash.’ 

Also many of them aren’t white. 

They support him because Olivia means higher taxes to pay for the whims of liberal elites like you. 

Will he publish it?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Now You Can Be Purged For Voting Wrong Like In Soviet Russia!

It's 2014 and there are still people around who oppose it! Now that the traditional nuclear family is almost a thing of the past, gay marriage gives many the opportunity to attend an olden style wedding similar in the ways of our heterosexual ancestors.

It's believed by many historians that a long time ago men and women who liked each other exchanged vows of commitment usually in a place like a church.

Here are some actual marriage photos...

I think the final one represents what was once called a, 'mother-in-law.'

Now that people are having their first kids at the age of 45 things are so crazy that some are still against gays getting married! Even educated people like the guy who invented JavaScript held these outdated views. So he was called a bigot and forced out of his job.

He worked for Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox. On an unrelated topic: There are better browsers out there like Chrome and Opera.  You should switch to them because Firefox really sucks.

Now Slate is calling for a purge of more people who are against gay marriage. More HERE