Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ewww! Circumcision Rates Down In Canada

Proving that Canadian men want to look like a bunch of Europeans when they're naked a University of Saskatchewan study has found that circumcision has dropped to just 32%

My personal opinion of the matter is whether for aesthetic, religious, or health reasons, just cut it off.

And never speak about it again.

But now nobody's doing it anymore!

One ray of hope is that the rates are holding steady in the USA at 61%

From a theological perspective you have to ask yourself, 'If there is a God why would He invent something that looks like that?'

Fascists And Fascists Clash At Ford Fest!

Finally the ARC Collective wrote an article not about a man with the numbers 88 shaved into the back of his head, but about an East Indian...

When I first saw it I was crossing my fingers chanting, "Please be the CBC's Shaun Majumder, please be the CBC's Shaun Majumder."

Still this is a first for ARC. Some Neo Nazis in North America had a history of being funded by left-wing Jewish groups. And the words, 'Heritage Front,' is another way of saying CSIS.

But now they're covering how Gay Pride celebrations didn't end last month but continued on at Ford Fest.

Monday, July 28, 2014

No room for hatred in Calgary's streets

Now, here's what I don't get. You live in a crap hole. A dusty, hot, nasty place where plumbing is optional and violence is mandatory. Your political leadership is quantifiably insane. When you flip a switch in your home, there's a good chance the light won't come on because the politicians in charge of your country are so mad at the country next door, they won't allow fuel to be shipped through it. That's right. The energy to power your home is readily available ... but your politicians won't let it get to you. And oh, yeah - those same politicians store military hardware like rockets in your houses of worship, hospitals and schools. And then they fire those rockets at the country they're mad at next door, a country infinitely more powerful than the sliver of land you live on.

Jews Are Nazis Gaza Protest

Ironically many of these protesters owe a lot to movies like Schindler's List.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Threatening Letters To Warren Kinsella

The past week saw this dramatic interchange...

All of this drama caused me to leave a comment on Warren's blog talking about how I, myself, fantasize about throwing a pie in his face.

He failed to publish it.

But Warren: I thought we were friends!

Then I had an idea.

For a movie.

I will spend the next 6 months writing it and then sell it to the CBC for $80.

I call it: 'Threatening Letters To Warren Kinsella.'

Here's what I have so far...


22 Minutes host SHAUN MAJUMDER sits at a park bench. He nervously looks around making sure that he is alone. Then he pulls out a pen and note pad and begins to write furiously.

SHAUN (ranting to himself): Dear Warren Kinsella. You have poo for brains and I hate you so much. I laughed so hard when you ran in North Vancouver and lost. Just because your band sucks doesn't give you a right to take it out on the rest of us...


BOB and JIM, two CSIS agents, sit at a table eating donut after donut. They are both overweight and middle aged. Bob, who fancies himself as James Bond, wears a finely tailored suit. Jim dons a Maple Leaf sweater and a Blue Jays hat.

Bob's cell RINGS and he swiftly answers.

BOB: Yeah...Uh-huh...Okay...We're on it.

He puts the phone away and turns to Jim.

BOB: Warren Kinsella just received another anonymous threatening letter. 8th one this week.

JIM: Who's Warren Kinsella?

BOB: He's that guy from Sun News. I think he fills in for Ezra Levant on, 'The Source,' whenever Ezra is sick.

JIM: Oh...I'm still drawing a blank.

BOB: He's the guy who looks exactly like Bill Murray. It's eerie: They're like doppelgangers.

Jim looks stunned.

JIM: You mean Bill Murray's life is in danger?

Now Bob looks stunned. They both suddenly get up and run for the exit. As they leave Bob yells...

BOB: We're coming to save you, Bill Murray!

And there you have it. The beginnings of a cinematic masterpiece.

The Chinese Jewish Muslim Quebec Lobby

Lobby groups attempting to get in through
the front door of Parliament.
Ottawa is controlled by Zionists and the Illuminati!

Nope. The situation is a whole lot worse than that.

Ottawa is controlled by lobby groups.

The 1990s saw the end of the Soviet Lobby and then the Tobacco Lobby.

RIP Tobacco lobby: You were instrumental in balancing off the influence of the Asbestos Lobby, the Pharmaceutical Lobby, and automakers that thought that seat belts and airbags were too expensive to put in cars.

Today things have changed. Now there's even a Red China Lobby.

There used to be a Quebec Lobby.

As bankers and CEOs hit the 401 from Montreal to Toronto in droves, the Quebec Lobby managed to get a lot from the federal government in return for the lost jobs.


The Bloc Quebecois was a big mistake. How was the Quebec Lobby supposed to get favors from a Minister by showing him a nice night out on the town while that same Minister was being yelled at by a Quebec separatist Opposition in the House?

The Bloc just didn't make any sense.

With Quebec gone the all-powerful Muslim Lobby is now fighting for supremacy over the waning Jewish Lobby. And while nobody's looking the Chinese are buying up lots and lots of farmland.

It's called globalization.

Realizing their mistake a little too late Quebeckers have decided to destroy the Bloc by electing this guy as their leader...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jews Retreat As Hamas Gains Ground!

With lots of allies Hamas has scored victory after victory.

It's been chaos but some journalists have braved the violence to report on these stupendous gains.

With help from Marxist campus revolutionaries and Neo Nazis both Calgary and Berlin have now fallen.

The FBI Is Hiring...

Muslim and unemployable?

If you're a poor schizoid from Pakistan who resides in America, consider working for Obama.

If you think Osama Bin Laden had some good ideas and ISIS, with their cool music and beheadings are all right, you're just what the FBI is looking for!

They'll fill your mind with some crazy plan and pretend to help you in your conquest for Islam to take over the world. After all the excitement you'll have a lot of publicity and a retirement plan set up for you in a federal penitentiary.

Apply today.